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Many of our customers (especially sports card collectors) are surprised at how many different Non-Sports cards there are. "Non-Sports" is a big category that includes pretty much any card series that can't be defined as a sport. The list is endless, but includes TV Series and Movies, Celebrities, Swimsuit Models, Wacky Packages, Garbage Pail Kids, Marvel, Disney, Fantasy Art, and Japanese Anime. And then certain products defy categorizing, like Webkinz and Beanie Baby trading cards, but we have them too! Because there are so many Non-Sport offerings, we have to pick and choose what we carry; but luckily for our customers, we've chosen a lot!

We carry EVERY Non-Sports product offered by Topps, Upper Deck, Donruss, Inkworks, Breygent, Rittenhouse Archives, Artbox, Strictly Ink, and Benchwarmers (and some by Comic Images...mostly their tv series' boxes). A few products are available by the pack (roughly 50 choices with an emphasis on Disney and Marvel), but most are available only by the box. If enough people ask, we'll "crack a box" to sell packs; and if enough people ask, we'll add a new box to our product line. We can almost always get any box you're looking for, so don't be shy. We routinely special order Non-Sports products we don't normally carry, or re-stock an older one. But please note that all of our Non-Sports products, much like our Sports offerings, are relatively new and were manufactured since the mid 80's.

We've included a picture of part of our Non-Sports wall. There's a lot more than what you see here!