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At SPORTSCARD PLAYGROUND, we specialize in boxes, and especially in everything newly released. We carry EVERY current year product made by TOPPS, PANINI, UPPER DECK, and LEAF in all four major sports (BASEBALL, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, and HOCKEY). All products are available for box purchase, and many are available by the pack as well. We don't stop with those sports though. We also carry NASCAR, MLS SOCCER, TENNIS, GOLF, POKER, WWE, MMA, UFC, and TNA wrestling. As for the years we carry, we have pretty much EVERYTHING from the current year, MOST from the prior two years, and then many products from the past 5 or so years. Our oldest boxes go back to the late 80's/ early 90's, but we are much more limited in those offerings. We'll consistently re-stock all years of popular brands (like Topps Heritage Baseball) assuming we can, and we try to maintain inventory of rookie year product for popular players (all sports). We do not carry vintage product at all.

We're known for our jersey grab bags; currently available in BASEBALL, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, and HOCKEY; and priced at $7.95. Each jersey grab bag has 10 cards and is guaranteed to have a jersey or autographed card in it. The cards in these grab bags are high quality, most from premium sets, and the selection of jersey cards is good. We don't insert junk! Just try us ... they're one of our most popular sellers. We also have regular grab bags for a more modest $1.50. You'll get 15 cards with an emphasis on hometown favorites.

We have them ... a lot of them; in BASEBALL, FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, HOCKEY, and MLS SOCCER. There are packaged team sets of TOPPS BASEBALL for the past several years. There has been TOPPS FOOTBALL as well. There are packaged team sets of PANINI'S SCORE brand for FOOTBALL, BASKETBALL, and HOCKEY. And last, there have been both UPPER DECK and more recently TOPPS packaged MLS SOCCER team sets (it has varied by who had the license). We carry pretty much EVERY one of the current year packaged team sets in all 5 sports. They're a big seller for us, as it's tricky to find non-hometown team sets locally. A packaged set, by the way, just means that the team set comes in packaging specially made for the product. It is sometimes called a blister pack (or "carded") and might feature the team logo on front and team checklist on back. The team set looks "official", so to speak, as opposed to hand collated. And in fact, whereas most PANINI team sets consist of the same cards you'd find by opening boxes; packaged Topps sets are often different from what you'd find in same year boxes ... from numbering to player selection to size of the set.

Because certain local teams are so popular in our store (think PHILLIES!), we stock a lot of current year product hometown team sets. These are of the "hand-collated" (not packaged) variety. Different vendors will open cases of product and sell retailers their favorite teams. We buy Phillies and other local team sets this way. For 2013, we have PHILLIES TEAM SETS from BOWMAN, TOPPS HERITAGE, ARCHIVES, GYPSY QUEEN, TOPPS SERIES 1 & 2, and PANINI PRIZM. They're on display in our showcases and are given to you in a team set bag.

We have some assortment of key player jersey cards (and some autographs) in the 4 major sports, with an emphasis on our hometown teams. We also carry some rookie cards of newly drafted players and popular veterans. But, in general, our singles selection is not vast; and we do not carry anything vintage.