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The start of FOOTBALL SEASON means the start of our store's own, free, YOU-PICK-THE-WINNERS (YPTW) FOOTBALL CONTEST. Each Wednesday, we make entry forms available with that Sunday's football game match-ups. To play, circle the team you think will win from each 2 team match-up. Entry forms can be turned in anytime before Saturday at 5:00 (we purposely don't include Thursday night or Saturday day games). The person who makes the most number of correct guesses wins! It's that easy. Each week, we award a $25 GIFT CERTIFICATE to the person with the most correct guesses. We do this EVERY week. Each weekly winner then moves on to play during the PLAY-OFFS. The GRAND PRIZE is a $150 GIFT CERTIFICATE. We also have a separate RUNNERS-UP PRIZE of a $50 GIFT CERTIFICATE. (Whenever there is a tie after Sunday's picks, and the Monday Night game is needed as a tie breaker...those people who make it to the tie breaking game but aren't the winner are referred to as "RUNNERS-UP". These players have their own separate competition during the Play-offs). Heidi especially enjoys the YPTW Contest because she feels like a school teacher on Monday morning, grading papers. :-) It's a lot of FREE FUN, especially as the season progresses; so give it a shot.


This has become an annual tradition at Sportscard Playground and creates a lot of excitement in our store. We've been running the NFL POD contest for over 20 years! It starts at the end of September / beginning of October (exact date changes each year) and lasts for 30 days straight. Each day, a specific NFL player is featured in the store (the "Player of the Day"). If you pull a card of that player from a Panini branded pack, you win (meaning you get a small prize that day, but more importantly are entered into the weekly raffle/prize giveaway). It's THAT easy. To make daily winning even easier, there are two Wild Card players (in addition to the POD) designated who you can pull that also make you a winner. Anyone who buys a hobby box of football cards automatically gets entered (as the assumption is that you'll pull one of the 3 possible players from the box).

The daily prize varies, but is often a free pack of some sort (Panini usually supplies special Player of the Day 2-card packs with attractive, limited parallels). Every daily winner is entered into a raffle for the weekly prize (which is on display each week and often includes some Panini branded swag/packs/guaranteed jersey card pack). The five weekly winners are then entered into the raffle for the GRAND PRIZE. This is one of the largest prizes we give away each year. The GRAND PRIZE often tops $300 in FOOTBALL CARDS, GIFT CERTICATES, & NOVELTIES. The GRAND PRIZE is on display throughout the 5 week contest. We've been doing something fun the last few years where we start with a REALLY GOOD GRAND PRIZE and then add items each week. We've always received a tremendous response from our customers, and this 30 day period proves to be a lot of fun. It's easy to look forward to this contest because we give away FREE prizes every day and it encourages customers to open HERE, which is always fun for us! It's important to note before you read the next paragraph that our store's Grand Prize winner is then entered into Panini's National Sweepstakes, which has a HUGE GRAND PRIZE of spending the day with an NFL player and coming back to our store for an AUTOGRAPH SESSION/MEET & GREET with that player. There's a little foreshadowing for you for our NBA POD section.


The NBA version of the POD CONTEST hasn't been around as long as the NFL has, but it sure is another store favorite! It works the same way as its NFL counterpart (see above). Our store, and customer Quinn Slack, got lucky a few years ago when he won Panini's NATIONAL contest (all participating stores enter their store's Grand Prize Winner into Panini's National Contest). Quinn's HUGE NATIONAL GRAND PRIZE WIN enabled him to host 76'ers MATISSE THYBULLE at his home (with family and friends invited) where they shot hoops, played NBA2K, did an auto and photo session, and opened a LOT of Panini product together. Matisse then came to our store to do a free MEET-AND-GREET and PHOTO OP with our customers...with each person being given a special limited edition Panini card made up for the event! Matisse was WONDERFUL to host, and it was one of the most special days in our store's history. So DON'T MISS OUT entering this FUN CONTEST that typically starts in March.


Many of you are familiar with BLOCK POOLS at parties. There is a 10 x 10 grid with 100 blocks, and each block is randomly assigned a pair of numbers (corresponding to the last digit of each of the points in the score of the game). The way this contest works is that you are rewarded for making a purchase (items/dollar values vary) by being given a block in the grid. Once the 100 blocks fill up with names, we randomly assign numbers and teams to the grid so that each block holder knows what scores make them a winner. We usually give away as much as $500 in prizes for each grid...a GRAND PRIZE, HALF TIME PRIZE, and a prize after the 1st and 3rd QUARTER. Sometimes we offer AUTOGRAPHED PHOTOS or MEMORABILIA (we've awarded an AUTOGRAPHED MIKE TROUT PHOTO, EMMITT SMITH JERSEY, and MAGIC JOHNSON JERSEY). We also award MANY GIFT CERTIFICATES as prizes, often having "ALL GIFT CERTIFICATE" PRIZE POOLS. The big prize money makes this an exciting promo, and we use the concept not only at Football Playoff time; but also at various other times of the year.


Panini has been known to sponsor a FATHER'S DAY and/or BLACK FRIDAY weekend PACK GIVE-AWAY. (The promotion has been in flux during the/post Pandemic, so hopefully, it'll come back soon). Historically, we bought specific product from Panini, which earned us these special packs; and we, in turn, let you buy ANYTHING Panini branded from us to earn said packs. Now what are these packs all about? Our customers look forward to these two promotions each year, and the packs are similar. They're special two card packs (in a variety of sports) with 2-3 hits (autographs, relic cards) in every 10 or so packs. Additionally, there are short printed parallel versions of the regular cards (cracked ice, hyperplaids) and numbered cards you can pull, even if you don't get a conventional hit. Another fun aspect to the packs is the relics used. The Father's Day packs have featured colorful hat and glove cards of football players and large chunks of towel cards from both basketball and football players. Black Friday packs often feature pieces of Santa Claus caps (Santa Claus style caps with the team logos are given to the athletes to wear), as well as the aforementioned towel cards. Other fun, different items used in these promotions is game used pylons and 1 of 1 sketch cards hand drawn by the player. Panini always has unique surprises in store with these promo's, and we enjoy them.


There are various CARD or PACK GIVEAWAY DAYS each year, including NATIONAL BASEBALL CARD DAY and NATIONAL HOCKEY CARD DAY, as well as other celebratory events like NATIONAL HOBBY STORE DAY. Depending on the occasion, our store likes to do it up BIG with GIVEAWAYS & RAFFLES as well as piggybacking other events like offering BLOCK POOLS during these weekends. Details for all events are made available well before the event date on FACEBOOK & INSTAGRAM.


We like to have fun at Sportscard Playground and reward our customers for shopping here! We've had a few FREE autograph sessions over the years with Scott Rolen, Garth Snow, Greg Lewis, and Matisse Thybulle.. Because we want to offer FREE signings, we can't have them as often as we'd like, but our social media followers, e-mail newsletter customers, and in-store "regulars" are the first ones to hear about these special events (and receive priority). Please make sure you're one of them.